Tribalinx for Sustainable Nation Development

End to End Approach

Tribalinx takes pride in delivering building blocks (Energy, Telecommunications and eGovernance) which are essential for establishing and maintaining long-term sustainable organizations (corporate & municipal). With our Sustain-Ability 360° Financing Program specifically tailored to Tribal Nations and Municipal Governments, we are experienced at implementing environmentally sensitive, efficient, carbon reducing and infrastructure for less capital more value.

Patience & Commitment

Key to our success is our team of specialists and subject matter experts who will assist your organization in joining the Sustainable Revolution sweeping North America and the world. With a unique business model where our team partners with yours to deliver long term value, we defer the majority of our profit until our clients see results. Our edge is the ability to translate your needs and challenges into a clear, sustainable plan with a comprehensive step-by-step path. As a result, our brand is gaining international attention with both federal agencies and small businesses.

Workforce & Economic Development Specialists

Incentives & Grant Assistance

Tribalinx applies compassion to our brand of sustainable capitalism by prioritizing equally profits, social services and workforce training as a core business objective for our Tribal Nation customers. We provide corporate and private investors and donors an opportunity to join our movement to empower emerging nations and Tribal communities with sustainable employment. To this end we devote 1-3 % of our profits to benefit our rural and low income communities.

No Cost Mentoring by Co-founders

Alongside the Upper Pathways Team, we provide On The Job Training (OJT) and Mentoring to help our clients identify and nurture talented youth and adult in urban and rural communities. The Tribalinx web-based software enables our team to provide critical workforce training, education and access to needed resources for healthy lifestyles and professional development.  We feel the talent drain on Tribal communities due to a lack of innovation and jobs must end to promote Sustainable Tribal Nations.

We can help in the following areas