Beyond Organix Digital Farming

Intelligent analytics of data collected by existing collection Platforms/Sensors, implemented at the field level, and with proven results.

Smart Crop Management

  • Analyzing regularly collected data for soil moisture, soil temperature, and soil salinity.
  • Providing a required plant environment to enable optimal results of crop yield & quality
  • Significantly reducing use of water and dependence on fertilizers.
  • Providing essential information  for detecting and controlling  diseases/Pests.

Health Monitoring

  • Stress is being presented by lower transpiration
  • Transpiration is being measured as leaf temperature
  • Higher temperature is being flagged on the Radiometer data
  • Field/Farm aerial data is collected with a Drone
  • Data is processed automatically and in near real time
  • Stressed plant is pointed with sub meter accuracy in the field
  • Anomalies monitored up to a daily basis

Digital Farming Data Automation

  • Consistent digital collection & crop data analysis.
  • Providing optimal timing of the required water and fertilizer
  • Regular Control of irrigation uniformity
  • Pointing towards affected foliage by pests & diseases

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