Current Engagements

Colville Tribal Nation – Small Business Administration (8a) Business Development Consulting Tribal Public Safety engagement with Homeland Security and Customs and Border Protection

Omaha Tribe – currently working on a Beyond Organix Indoor Food Farming Initiative

Our Recent History

07.25.2015 – Tribal Nations Housing Departments in California, Arizona, Oregon and New York contact us regarding our new Solar service program. Your Solar housing project could be approved to participate in our program. with no cost up front.

10.13.2014 – Rosebud Sioux Tribe SBA8a Business Development Consulting which lead to successful unsolicited proposal for Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection

05.15.2014 – Wizipan Little Elk & James McCorkle decide to join forces and launch the next era of Tribal Nation Economic Diversification by acquiring Tribalinx and the Management Team for expansion of their SBA 8a Enterprise.

02.13.2014 – Lummi Nation and Tribalinx engage to review internal Law & Order matters surrounding Electronic Home Monitoring and find that the Tribe saved over $100k on one GPS Ankle Bracelet.

10.30.2014 – Tribalinx and partners complete 2 million acre broadband network for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the

04.13.2012 – Rock Wireless finds a new partner in Tribalinx as we seek to make a great ‘Tribally Owned Cellular and Wireless ISP’ even better. “Kudos to Miles McAllister and his team for making a wonderful choice.” says James McCorkle, Co-Founder and Chief Sustainability Officer.

03.01.2012 – Tribalinx expands further into the sustainable energy market working with Tribal Housing Authorities and Homeowner Associations to reduce power costs with Solar Residential Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for those Tribes that qualify for this ground breaking program.  With 94% of all Solar installations expected to be paid for by Third Party Investors, like ours, in 2012.

12.12.2011 – GraniteBay Energy and Tribalinx join forces with a progressive top tier investment fund to provide Homeowner Associations and Tribal Housing Authority Sustainable Energy Solutions. Tony Herrera, President stated: “This partnership will provide homeowners on and off our Tribal Lands with sustainable energy which reduces costs and pollution.”

10.9.2011 – Johnny Ku (GSM, Super WiFi and telecom business developer) joins forces with Tribalinx to enhance our wireless network and premium services (iPhone/Androids/Blackberry and International Roaming) on sovereign Tribal Nation lands.

10.1.2011 – C360°, the sister company of Tribalinx, strengthens its foundation applications and wireless networks through partnerships with the 1st Tribally owned cellphone and wireless ISP and MIT Award Winning ipVoice and Video Application.

09.03.2011 – TribaLinx begins final negotiations with several foreign and Tribal nations seeking to improve their Public Safety programs with iPatrol. Additionally, we are proud to announce our plan to build , the first iPad Tribal Government Application,”iGov” with a very progressive Tribal Nation.

7.15.2009 – Tulalip Tribe – Economic Development Project Development for Hotel and Retail Expansion

11.20.2009 – Snoqualmie Tribe – Economic Development Project Development Hotel and Entertainment Expansion

11.2.2009 – Lummi Nation – Waste to Energy Feasibility Study

1.5.2009 – Trident Seafood – Controlled Environment Algae Farming Feasibility Study

1.3.2009 – Quinault Tribe – High Intensity Drug Traffic Area Study and Federal Lobbying Effort



Tribalinx On The Move