Utility Security 

“As the number of copper thefts has continued to rise, this issue has not only impacted the U.S. electric utility industry which has been forced to repair and replace damaged or stolen equipment, but has had an adverse effect on the general public,”

Off-Grid Application Infrastructure

imageOur C360°-Cam system come in both on and off grid connected capabilities. The software hardware integration features the following capabilities:

  •  Supports high latency of online security camera video capture.
  • Device independent.
  • Secure cloud based system for online security camera.
  • HQ recording at source and control center.
  • Multi feed with zoom in functionality.
  • Access security camera from anywhere in the world.
  • Auto recovery and auto start features.
  • HQ video remote CCTV surveillance on 2g data cards/250 kbps bandwidth.
  • Instant setup of security kit.
  • Cloud based hosted SAAS service

Virtual Monitoring & Control

For remote viewing offer a very robust cloud based viewing from your:LivePT-Cam

  • PC
  • Laptop
  • Tablet and Smartphone

With C360° we bring smart data to your finger tips to assist in operational and security decisions.

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