Maritime Security 2.0

“U.S. ports handle more than 2 billion tons of domestic and import/export cargo per year, $1.3 billion worth of goods move in and out of U.S. ports every day. Interference with their function would be disruptive to the U.S. economy.”

Secure Wireless & Fixed Surveillance & Monitoring

Container Ship Docked at HarborThe Seaports globally use Lighthouse, our integrated security platform to oversee all incoming and outgoing traffic for the Oil Industry.  All ships connect via wireless and satellite as they come to port.

All video, voice and data communications are provided by the Lighthouse Platform to ensure uniformity and deter terrorist attacks to the critical India Market.  Since, Lighthouse is fully integrated with the leading integration engine in the market LivePT-Android“iMax”  it will be able to adapt legacy and modern security systems into one main core management hub for automation and type of Maritime or Transportation Venture.


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