Tribal nations make critical contributions to the economic health of their communities and surrounding regional economies.

Tribalinx - Sustainable Nation Building

Tribalinx was founded originally in 2009 by Tony Herrera (Skokomish Tribe) and James McCorkle (Crow Tribe) to encourage improvement of Tribal Nation infrastructure and technology needs.


Tribalinx, like our fore father’s and mothers, is committed to building self-sufficient communities that reflect the cultural education and the economics needs for sustainability of its residents, while at the same time adopting the best technology systems of the time. Our mission to empowering residents is as important as the technology and innovation we provide. Tribalinx is not just about the bottom line, we really are a different kind of innovative company that combines corporate excellence with people empowering strategies.


We specialize in Economic Development, Design for Green Ventures and Wireless  Technologies.  All of Tribalinx   products & services are complementary of each other.  The Tribalinx Team  brings over 120 Years of Success and Experience in the Core Markets (Housing, Energy, Technology Bundles,  Public Safety, Education, Waste & Water Treatment).

At Tribalinx  we do projects from “concept to completion” including workforce training in future trending jobs (Housing, Energy, Telecom and Cloud based Software).  Once completed Tribalinx will be vested in providing Quality Service and Support  for long term sustainability.

Tribalinx On The Move