The U.S. workforce (generally ages 25 to 64) is in the midst of a sweeping demographic transformation. From 1980 to 2020, the white working-age population is projected to decline from 82% to 63% (see figure 1). During the same period, the minority portion of the workforce is projected to double (from 18% to 37%), and the Hispanic/Latino portion is projected to almost triple (from 6% to 17%).

UP^ Diversifying The Future of Workforce Training

The Upper Pathways (UP^) Program is Tribalinx’s comprehensive solution addressing all critical economic success criteria:yeah crop (1)

  • Identify and address local needs
  • Bring in businesses to meet those needs
  • Train local community to become successful in these new and increasingly technical businesses

We have three Success Tracks to cater to the needs of every individual in the community. Our comprehensive initial assessment is designed to identify needs, strengths and vocational desire.

Second Chance Program

Provides remedial social and educational services, including drug and alcohol treatment and judicial monitoring, mental health and family support

Special Skills Training (SST)

Program provides a basic curriculum of accredited courses, as well as a diversified set of vocational training tracks and apprenticeships to meet the needs of new and technologically advancing local industries and businesses

Business Etiquette & Skills (BEST) Training Program

Has both a Managerial and an Entrepreneurial track to challenge and train potential leaders. We provide a Business Basics curriculum as well as guidance and support to developing business leaders. We enable our students to build and start their own businesses with the assistance of the UP^ Program and community mentors

UC Berkeley Young Entreprenuers At Haas (YEAH)

Tribalinx with UP^ seek to add Tribal Nation members to the successful program.  For more information email for more information.



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