"Since the implementation of the ITC in 2006, the cost to install solar has dropped by more than 73%"

Sustainable Nation Building begins with Power

Tri-Turbine-204x300No matter who the customer is, we are committed to providing them with the best possible products on the market and the highest quality installation. We are customer-oriented, performance-driven, and dedicated to offering our customers long-term renewable energy solutions that immediately reduce their energy costs. Building on our tremendous success with solar power installations, we have also expanded into other renewable energy technologies, and energy efficiency.

Energy Auditing Services

Measuring and characterizing energy use is our focus. We provide accurate analysis and unbiased recommendations that utilize appropriate, up-to-date technology for cost-efficient energy reduction strategies.

Sustainable Solutions

Automation/Energy/Wireless Devices

unnamedTribalinx is able to provide clean, reliable, and affordable solar and renewable energy solutions to Residential Homeowners, Housing Authorities, Homeowner Associations, Small Businesses, and Large-scale Commercial/Agricultural Operations throughout the Western United States and in the Washington DC Area. Our financing partner have delivered thousands of solar electric power system installations for homes through the United States and abroad.

Our team has installed solar, LED and Alternative Energy  systems generating capacities of up to 300 Megawatts for a variety of large-scale commercial, educational, and agricultural organizations.


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