Commercial Lighting

No life can exist without the presence of natural sunshine. Each spring we feel the joy and energy that longer sun filled days bring. All of nature wakes up to the added benefit of more and more natural light.

Tribalinx Commercial Lighting

Full Spectrum Retrofits Lower Cost Better For Worker Ergonomics

Our customers experience is improved with our product because of the following facts:LED_Luminaires_Showcase_KLB

  • Tribalinx digital lighting can be adjust for any client with our chip on or off board
  • Lighting variations to tone and color made to specification by design
  • Chip replacement technology allows clients to keep light and fixture in tact while only replacing or chip.  First in lighting industry solution of this sort
  • If one diode goes out does not affect the whole light allow much long life of our LEDs than others in the industry
  • Tribalinx bulbs are built as a retrofit first lower the cost of transition for clients wanting better light and electricity savings while keeping fixtures which are still relevant and useful


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