"FBI Reports from 2011 Data – “Every 26.2 seconds a violent crime occurred and every 3.5 seconds a property crime occurred.”

First Responders & Public Safety


With our interests in public safety enrichment and first responder capability, we offer interoperability unlike any other carrier. Our ability to securely enhance mobile devices such as iPhones, Androids, iPads and Windows Tablets with C360° and  Lighthouse allows our users over a FIPS security platform to provide:

  • Virtual  “Push-to-talk” application for Mass Communication
  • Remote Video Surveillance as well as Access & Control of Facilities
  • Critical & Complete Data Sharing
  • Incident Reporting with Voice Recognition
  • GIS Based Situational Awareness
  • Crime Database Searches
  • Enterprise-wide Integration of Devices and Resources

VideoDrone X4S

X4S is the most efficient model. The efficient motors, speed controller and big propellers mean excellent flight times, up to 45 minutes with standard batteries and even 57 minutes with power batteries.

The camera will get its power directly from the aircraft’s batteries. This guarantees continuous power feed during long flights.

Technical Specs

  • Dry weight 2.2 kg
  • Max. take off-weight 5.5 kg
  • High payload of up to 2.0 kg
  • Width 58 cm X 58 cm
  • Height 37 cm
  • Extremely bright navigation LED lights
  • 16 Channel radio controller
  • Battery capasity 10 Ah
  • Max Flight Time 45 min
  • Max Wind 8 m/s, Wind gust 12 m/s
  • GNSS positioning
  • Software for Flight Planning (Windows, optional)

Flight Times with different payloads X4S

Private and Verizon Network Management


Our Wireless multi-carrier network provides enhanced interoperability with voice, video and data through a common IP backbone. Through the integration of C360° for Police we will provide a alternative to the iDEN Network Push to Talk with a secure VOIP based virtual or soft walkie talkie application.  We ensure public safety officials and first responders have the ability to communicate seamlessly across the nation with a fixed reduction in the cost of services.

GPS Monitoring and Home Detention

We assist our municipal and corporate customers with a unique Cellular and Wireless Broadband service for house arrest and corporate high net worth individuals or VIPs.  Our VIPS solutions are covert while house arrest products are built for reliability and tamper resistance.

Our House Arrest Bracelet Key Features:

  • The Community Custody ProgramDetects the presence of marijuana
  • Detects the presence of alcohol
  • Active GPS tracking
  • Body mass /body proximity sensors
  • Medical grade casing/strap materials
  • Weighs 6.5 oz.
  • Real time geographic surveillance
  • water resistant and shock resistant
  • Auto-reminders for battery recharging
  • “Geo-Fencing” capability

Ankle Bracelet

The GPS tracking feature archives and stores the location tracking information in a date/time fashion. This features provide a chronological listing of the offender’s whereabouts and shows when the offender arrived and left a particular location such as home, work, or school.  The bracelet and the tracking device are electronically tethered together and therefore the bracelet and the GPS tracking device cannot be apart without alerting the probation officer. The offender cannot simply hand-off the tracking device to another person.  Any attempt to remove the bracelet will cause sudden changes to be detected in the proximity sensors which will send an alarm notice. At 6.5 oz, the bracelet is light and compact and able to be worn without much discomfort.

Tribalinx On The Move