"In every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation... even if it requires having skin as thick as the bark of a pine."

Our Subject Matter Experts

Tsosie Lewis | Farming Management Executive

A Navajo native, Tsosie J. Lewis is a farmer, a businessman and most of all a leader. As the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NAPI, Mr. Lewis modernized communications technology, overhauled marketing and turned annual losses into profits. Lewis managed the 72,573-acre farming enterprise of the Navajo Nation and oversees the “Navajo Pride” brand name for all products grown and sold by NAPI.  Mr. Lewis had been with NAPI for four decades. Lewis grew up in Two Grey Hills, south of Shiprock, NM where his parents raised sheep and grew beans, alfalfa, peaches and apricots.

In 1974, NAPI hired Lewis as the Livestock Manager. He supervised feeding and breeding programs for NAPI’s 20,000 head of sheep. In 1981, he became the Agronomy Production Manager. He did soil and insect inspections, tracked crop maturity during growing seasons and recommended seed varieties and fertilizers. Between 1990 and 1994, Lewis served an initial four-year stint as NAPI General Manager. In 1994, Lewis went back to school (New Mexico State University), where he obtained his Bachelors of Science in Agricultural Economics & Agriculture Business.

In 1997, Lewis returned to NAPI as the Potato Crop Manager. In 2000, the NAPI Board of Directors hired Lewis as General Manager and overhauled NAPI’s business practices. Lewis immediately set up a new communication system that allowed him immediate contact with NAPI Crop Managers and with customers as well as changes in accounting and marketing strategies, such as insisting that contracts be signed before crops are planted. Lewis also designed NAPI’s first Five-Year Strategic Plan, which focuses on diversifying customers and crops and improving infrastructure, transportation and management. On a quarterly basis, the Strategic Plan is updated and reported to the Board of Directors on progress achieved. Thus, NAPI went from a $6 million loss in 1999 to a $9.5 million profit in 2014. Mr. Lewis oversees a $30 million annual budget. To date, NAPI has continuously generated revenues under his leadership; provided year-round potato inventory for the market; new NAPI Native Food products (White, Yellow and Blue Indian Corn, Ground Sumac); new Soils Lab; JD Link Program; AgVerdict Reports; Crop Metrics; and most importantly establishment of an Investment Committee; Audit Committee; NAPI Trading, LLC; Navajo Pride, LLC Management Committee and NAPI Flour Mill, LLC.

Mr. Lewis has developed a young leadership group who are currently holding positions as Crop Manager or Assistant Crop Manager. He envisioned putting in place a scholarship program for future generation leaders who will come back to NAPI upon achieving their Bachelor’s Degree in Ag-Science, Ag-Business, Farm Management, Agronomy, Crop Science and Business Degrees with an agriculture concentration. Individuals will learn in an internship to learn the practical aspects of farming.   This helps them to apply the skills that they learned during their academic study.   The group has also been sent to the Chicago Board of Trades to learn the trading industry and the business of the CME Group.

Lewis’ main goal was to complete and achieve the full development of the 110,630 acreage as stated in the NIIP Legislation (P.L. 87-483) and on behalf of the Navajo Nation. His vision to see the Navajo Nation’s water and land being utilized to the full extent and to continue to provide jobs and training for the Navajo people in agriculture, including opportunities in management continues.

At Tribalinx Lewis focuses on team efforts and by facing obstacles together, goals are accomplished and achieved.

David Daxenbichler | Software & Interoperability Development

David the application development partner of Tribalinx, which utilizes Lighthouse as it’s underlying architecture as well as the founder of Network Harbor, Inc. that is inventor of Lighthouse. David has served Federal Government Agencies, Military DoD (Army, Air Force, Navy & Coast Guard), FBI, Harrah’s, Alleghany Power, First Energy, NERC energy projects as well as municipal and commercial systems both nationally and internationally. The company specializes in physical security integration management systems (PSIMs); and in addition incorporates workforce, risk, inventory, media, emergency, environmental and many other interoperation provisions on a common platform. The company’s president and members of the development team have been in the integration software business for over 20 years. The original product “Oasis” was the first security integration product in the market and was successfully sold and distributed globally by many security product manufacturers such as Pelco, Hirsch, Software House, American Dynamics and others under many different product names. The current product “LightHouse™” is light years ahead of the original Oasis product and all other PSIM platforms. Since we introduced the concept of PSIM years ago, our experience in the industry exceeds all others and the LightHouse™ platform exudes experience, performance, and the architectural foundation to support new concepts . . . PSIM was our idea to begin with but that is just the beginning.

Tim Streuber | Wireless IT & Security

Tim leads Tribalinx’s efforts in Data Networking Infrastructure. With a wealth of experience over the past 20 years, he has created, designed and built networks of all kinds for corporations, government, universities, hospitals, school districts and public safety. As the projects have evolved, Tim has specialized in broadband wireless and video over wireless technologies. With the introduction of IP video in the early 2000’s, he has designed and built dozens of wireless and security projects.

Tim has earned a string of technical certifications from Microsoft (MCSE), Cisco (CCNA, CCDA, IP Telephony Design Specialist), plus from HP (MASE – Master Accredited Systems Engineer). In addition, technical certification programs from a number of broadband wireless and IP video companies.

Being vendor neutral, Tim creates designs by focusing on a customer’s needs first. Operating within budget, the designs are built for the highest efficiency, security and reliability. Total Customer Satisfaction is his first priority.

Ilia Rosenberg | Artificial Intelligence & Video Analytics

Ilia Rosenberg is an executive with a track record of delivering strong results across a wide range of functions, geographies, and business models. Prior to joining ISR GeoSensing in 2015 as Managing Director where he is leading technical developments and commercial negotiations with a variety of gov’t and private customers, he served as Chief Technologist for AGT International Global Delivery Organization in its Headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. In this role he supported leading the worldwide engineering team to assure effective development of new products and creative solutions in line with the AGT strategy for growth and acquisiton. Before joining AGT International in 2011, Ilia Rosenberg served as the Director of Technology Assessment for the Boeing Company Security Solutions division in Arlington, VA. Since 2005 he participated in the work of Boeing Technology Sourcing, Evaluation and Integration group with the mission to initiate and grow global R&D alliances and secure strategic technologies. From 1995 to 2005 he was a Boeing Integrated Product Team lead on the Space Station Communication System and co-chaired the Space Station Boeing-NASA International Partners Super Problem Resolution Team. After the Shuttle Columbia accident he led activities in Radio Frequency Systems Certification Assessment for the Space Shuttle Return to Flight Program. Before joining Boeing he worked in the field of atmospherical physics and completed his postdoctoral studies at the Department of Chemical Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. His projects have been covered by the New York Times, Time Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, New Scientist, The BBC, Discovery Channel, and Washington Technology.

Chris Bennett | Energy & Real Estate Financing

Chris Bennett has been active in solar since 1999. Mr Bennett has been involved in every aspect of solar. Chris has managed teams for some of the most successful solar organizations to date, Real Goods, SolarCity, Clean Power Finance & Municipal Solar. Chris has been instrumental in the mass market adoption of several financial vehicles to move solar energy towards mainstream markets.

Desmond Morgan | Banking, Technology & Venture Development

Mr. Morgan has distinguished himself in the field of Business and Finance. His business career spans the areas of Management, Finance, Marketing and Information Technology. He also has experience in diverse industries including Agro-Processing. Financial Services and Information Technology. A graduate of Economics and International Finance, he also holds postgraduate qualifications in Management, Computer Science and International Marketing from top Universities in the United Kingdom.

Mr. Morgan is a leading entrepreneur: he is currently the Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Blue Skye Communications Ltd. He also serves as a Director of National Properties Ltd, and is a past Vice President of the Association of Caribbean Exporters (ACE). Prior to joining the Tribalinx Advisory Board, Desmond worked with Oracle leading one of the early prototypes of the database product line and with Anderson Consulting in the Mergers and Acquisition Division. With his vast experience in US and other countries these departments are very well looked after.

In Memoriam To A Lost Advisor

Daniel W. Parmley, Sr. | Former Advisor for Sustainable Energy, Transportation & Battery Systems

An inventor is currently former president and CEO of two Phoenix, Arizona companies, Diversified Technical Services Inc. (DTS) and TEECO International, Inc.  Mr. Parmley has over 43 years of heavy industrial / commercial and construction experience both in management and in the field.

DTS started in 1979, as an electrical, mechanical and solar commercial construction company specializing in high-tech installations and service of data centers, clean rooms, military installations and other projects requiring a high degree of expertise regarding sophisticated equipment. To complement the construction and service business, in 1998 he established TEECO International Inc., a Nevada corporation, for project management and research and development. TEECO is dedicated to designing and building unique projects for transportation, energy, environment and communications while optimizing the use of alternate energy sources.

World Record Accomplishments

Mr. Parmley had accomplished two world records for battery operated vehicles.  One record in 1992, was a cross country trip in a battery operated car and the second in 1994 with Mr. Parmley’s patented battery swap out technology traveled 1,048 miles in 24 hours.


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