“Data from more than 100 shows 75 hospitals, with a high percent of net new dollars lost to pre-billing deficiencies”

Solution to Healthcare Clinical Documentation and Billing Challenges

ItBig-Payday-Promised-to-NYC-Innovators-at-Health-2.0 should come as no surprise to those who have spent years in the healthcare industry that although many things have changed, one thing remains the same – a laser focus on improving the seemingly inversely proportional components of cost and cash flow within healthcare provider organizations.  To be sure, providing high-quality care and improved health outcomes – at the patient and community levels – are of paramount concern.

Nevertheless, the old business adage “cash is king” applies as much to healthcare as to anything else. Not long ago, a religious leader told a group of executives from several affiliated healthcare organizations that they must put first things first.  He said, quite simply, “no business, no mission.” Every provider organization – from the small private practice to the national integrated delivery system –needs a hierarchy that begins with a foundation of strong financial health.  In practical terms, this means timely collection of net receivables.  But what if there was a more efficient, automated approach that could strengthen the connection between payer and provider – a process that would benefit all provider organizations interested in reducing administrative overhead? It sounds like good medicine.

Remote Healthcare 2.0

Virtual Healthcare is a predominant feature in the future of medicine. Our team of technologists have built the Tribalinx Healthcare Platform, which is a web-based cloud computing platform which digitizes paper records, forms and data to improve efficiency, automate numerous manual processes and provide remote communities with better access to high quality healthcare professionals. We are able to provide a turn-key solution for healthcare organizations and government agencies seeking to connect hospitals, patients, doctors and clinic systems on a secure internet network.  Our system works with iPad, Android, PC and any internet enabled laptop.

We offer the following Affordable and Sustainable Medical Services:

Integrated TeleHealth Platform

Utilizing cutting edge and innovative internet technology we can enable quality doctors and medical staff to support the health needs not only of our remote customers, but to any patients seeking convenient medical consultations.  Our applications are even available for use on any computer, including the iPad, iPhone, and Android, so medical professionals can efficiently serve more patients one to one, and in a comfortable environment of the patent’s choosing.  This remote triaging can eliminate the costs of unnecessary clinic and emergency room visits which reduces overall healthcare expenditures enormously.

Virtual Revenue Cycle Management & Training


Our team will insure you receive these solutions at the right price with the flexibility and scalability to meet your organizations needs. Our preference is to assist customers in deploying Electronic Medical Records and Health Information Exchange Systems in relation to the ARRA and HITECH legislation.  Our unique and trial tested Revenue Cycle strategies and services are fully integrated with EMR related Medicaid/Medicare incentives to maximize reimbursement.  Our prepackaged training products can be customized to your specifications to ease the transition and minimize workflow disruptions.

Tribalinx On The Move